New cover I designed! The Red Fang

New cover I designed! The Red Fang by Nicola C. Matthews, published by Booktrope



5 thoughts on “New cover I designed! The Red Fang

  1. I am in need of a simple book cover one that depicts a boy lying in bed asleep, dreaming of being upon a miniaturized version of planet earth. He is surrounded by friends one of who is (1) a red rose bearing the face of a beautiful woman seated in a flower pot, (2) a male rat who can stand upright and (3) a male cat who can also stand upright. I need a price quote please. I can be contacted at 718 626-4044,thanks.

  2. Hi Jennifer. My book is a print book that I wrote. It is over one hundred pages long. It can be enjoyed by adults and young adults alike. It is in reality within the science fiction genre, dealing with a boy who is selected to become earth’s champion. You see, our hero has the arduous task of preventing the planet from being annihilated.
    He has to keep his emotions in check and not become too alarmed because the fate of planet depends upon Ralph’s feelings. As a result he must adopt and maintain this cool calm and collected attitude at all times or unleash a threat upon planet earth the likes of which has never been before or ever will be …ever. His friend’s task is to keep Ralph’s nerves from going over the edge. The sky although blue upon this miniaturized version of earth has the look of foreboding like a specter
    that is waiting in the wings.

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    My email is
    Jen, once you have given me some idea what my one page book design will cost I will let you know regarding a deadline. By the way, Ralph Smalls is ten years of age.
    He is asleep, lying in bed dreaming that he is upon a small version of planet Earth
    surrounded by his friends I mentioned in the earlier email I sent. The night sky is filled with stars, thanks. Awaiting your reply.

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